Tord Boontje

Tord Boontje is known for his expression of romanticism in contemporary design. Some of his designs are whimsical and light-hearted; at the same time they can be technically innovative and connect with strong emotions.
“I’m interested in creating elements for everyday life that are exciting and uplifting to live with” says Boontje. With a strong interest in storytelling, nature, decoration, materials and technology, his work has an experimental approach. The results can vary from ornate to minimal, from being handcrafted to being made-by-robots.
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Fredrikson Stallard

Patrik Fredrikson and Ian Stallard started their collaboration in 1995 and since then they have been internationally recognized as British Avant-garde's leading designers. They are known for their ability to translate their creativity into simple but highly emotional products and designs. Some of their masterpieces have been purchased by the French National Art Collection and the Victoria and Albert Museum and are on display at the Design Museum in London as well as at MoMA and the Museum of Art and Design in New York. They have worked with some of the leading names in contemporary design, including David Gill Galleries, Contrasts Gallery, Swarovski, Chanel, Veuve Clicquot, the London Design Festival and more.

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Raffe Burrell

Raffe Burrell is a London born designer whose studio was founded to pursue his passion for creating the exceptional through design. Working with a network of highly skilled artisans to achieve this, the studio works primarily on high-end residential and commercial projects on the production of large-scale lighting sculptures.
Raffe studied at Central Saint Martins: with more than 15 years professional experience: honing skills in the renowned studios of Paul Cocksedge, Fredrikson Stallard & Eva Menz, Raffe has worked on an ever increasing scale of project, both in the UK and worldwide.
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Unternehmerzentrum 19  
6073 Sistrans | AUSTRIA
+43 512 208090
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